Housing Refurbishment

Thenue Refurbishment Projects

About the project

Client: Thenue Housing Association
Form of contract: SBC ’05
Project value: £1.3m

MAST was appointed through a four year framework to provide contract administration and architectural services across new build, refurbishment and planned maintenance projects. Our primary focus was to assist in ensuring that properties achieve the Scottish Housing Quality Standard by 2015. Our long running relationship with Thenue HA has seen us collaborate on an eclectic portfolio of projects. This partnership spanning a four year framework would see us contribute to the upgrading of 90 Grade B listed tenements, working alongside numerous owners and occupiers as part of a consultation process.

These works spanned two phases, covering renewals, rewiring, implementation of new ventilation systems and common close repairs and fabric improvements. Focusing on both external and internal refurbishment, we worked closely with GCC Planning Heritage and Design to ensure Listed Building standards were achieved.