EESSH 2…did you know?

Did you know that by the end of December 2032, all social housing (new and existing) will need to meet EPC Band B, or be as energy efficient as practically possible?


The Governments new EESSH2 initiative (Energy Efficiency Standard for Scotland Housing 2) sets out the requirements of all social landlords to meet these targets.


Our inhouse sustainability team, led by our Certified Passivhaus Designer Morgan Stephen, are continuously researching the latest information on renewables, building materials and new technologies to ensure as a practice we are at the forefront of sustainable design for both new build projects and in the renovation of existing buildings.


In the context of EESSH2, we have recently published a brochure which highlights the context of EESSH2, outlines the wide and complex range of competing issues for strategic investment to address and what we as a practice, alongside our experienced team of other consultants, can do to help you achieve these targets!  If you’d like to get your own copy, please contact us at


If you are interested in finding out more about how MAST’s team can assist with EESSH 2 and a no obligation presentation, please contact David Denholm at or by calling 07855 795477.