Support & Care

Andrew Nisbet Place


CCG (Scotland) Ltd

East Ayrshire Council

Location: Hurlford

Project value: £2.1m

Completion Date: 2019

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This project was delivered as part of MAST’s ongoing relationship with CCG (Scotland) Ltd. and East Ayrshire Council, in support of the latter’s ‘Future Homes’ programme.  The building is located in the town of Hurlford on the former site of an adult training facility, adjacent to the Hurlford Community Centre.

The completed development provides a total of 14 one-bedroom amenity flats (including a number for dedicated wheelchair use) with associated office and warden facilities as part of an exemplar ‘supported accommodation’ model.  The layout of the block was developed in close collaboration with the client’s housing and occupational therapy staff, and is intended to be utilised on a number of future sites across the council area.

A simple L-shaped form is adopted, with the individual flats extending along each ‘wing’.  Circulation is concentrated into a linear zone to the inside face of the block, allowing the flats to occupy the entirety of the street facing frontages to the north and east.  The building is complemented by a south-facing shared garden area to the rear, which incorporates a variety of hard and soft landscaping treatments to enhance visual and functional amenity.  This garden is placed at the ‘hinge’ of the block footprint, with extensive glazing to circulation areas maximising views of this attractive communal space.  Within the building, circulation spaces have been widened so that these can become spaces for meeting and interaction between residents, with the aim of creating a more positive and ‘homely’ environment.

To facilitate this model, the design team worked closely with fire engineering specialists to review escape requirements, a process which involved the use of complex smoke modelling software to demonstrate compliance.  From an energy perspective, each dwelling was configured to achieve Section 7 Silver Aspects 1 and 2, incorporating highly efficient timber frames, heating and ventilation systems in addition to the use of photovoltaic panels.

Since its handover, the building has proven immensely popular with its residents, with these positive results being recognised with shortlistings at the 2019 Inside Housing Awards and the 2020 Scottish Home Awards.