SFHA Conference

We are presenting at this year’s Scottish Federation of Housing Associations Development Conference!


Designing affordable housing is going to become increasingly complicated with the introduction of a range of new standards over the next few years. Energy strategies will require to be integral and align with the design and will heavily shape what buildings will look and feel like to live in.


MAST Director Michael Jarvis and Senior Architect and Passivhaus Designer Morgan Stephen, will be leading a workshop at the conference tomorrow, which will outline the proposed changes step by step, highlighting the key points which will need to be addressed and understood by housing associations. These changes will not only affect the association but also their residents and key to the success of future housing projects will be a tenant understanding of how to get the most from their homes.


The workshops will touch on upcoming changes to Section 6 of the Building Standards, Net Zero and Passivhaus – specifically regarding how this works with the Building Regulations and what the process is for achieving certification for dwellings.


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Holyrood communications post https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6910612677350277120

Delighted to have been involved in the below article published in Holyrood Communications magazine – ‘Improving the Energy Efficiency of Scotland’s Homes’, with input from MAST director Michael Jarvis.


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