RIAS Conservation Accreditation

Matthew Holloway


We’re delighted to confirm that our Associate Matthew Holloway has successfully renewed his RIAS Conservation Accreditation, reflecting a strong track record in numerous refurbishment, improvement and fabric repair projects across Scotland.


David Denholm, Director in charge of Conservation, writes:

“With exciting ongoing flagship projects including the restoration and conversions of Vogue Cinema in Hamilton and Old Motherwell Town Hall  I am delighted that our Associate in charge of conservation, Matthew Holloway, has been successful in renewing his RIAS Conservation Accreditation.  This renewal and the impressive portfolio of conservation led projects delivered by MAST over the last 15 years highlights Matthew and his team’s dedication to the historic environment and its creative reuse. It is a privilege for MAST to continue its involvement in vital conservation work.”

Motherwell Town Hall

Former Vogue Building, Hamilton