Licence to Grill

Saturday 8th of July saw the annual MAST Architects BQQ and sports day.  Staff, partners, children and pet dogs all made it along to Mugdock Park for an afternoon of food, drinks, music, sun and activities, ranging from egg and spoon race to the sack race.

Head chef, Director Michael Jarvis, looked out his apron and took the BBQ pit to ensure everyone was well fed for the day. At least if we all came down with food poisoning, we would know who to blame…

Once the burning embers had died down, we made our way to the adjacent playing fields, where Chief Organiser of Fun, Laura Paton, had lined up a series of games for us to compete in.  We were swiftly put into teams and put through our paces with a number of team events.  As an enthralled audience looked on from the side lines, each team competed as well as they could after an afternoon of burgers, hot dogs and homemade punch.

Architect Laura Paton added ‘we got really lucky with the weather which makes all the difference for something like this.  We try to do as many social and teambuilding events as we can throughout the year together and it’s nice to enjoy the sun at the same time.  There was something for all ages, although most of the adults enjoyed the games more than the kids I think!!’