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Our recently completed ECOHOUSE Training Centre for West Lothian College was designed to both achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions and to have minimal energy demands. The project has been designed and constructed to achieve the following energy standards:

Section 7 Platinum Aspect 1 – Net Zero Carbon Emissions
Section 7 Gold Aspect 2 – Space Heating Demand < 30kWh/m2 (designed space heating demand = 11kWh/m2)
Section 7 Gold Aspect 3 – 50% of the dwellings water heating demand is from renewable sources

These enhanced standards have been achieved by taking a fabric first approach to the design and construction of the ECOHOUSE, all elements of the external envelope being highly insulated whilst an as-built air permeability of <2m³/hm²@50Pa has been achieved. In addition to this several renewable technologies have been installed including an Air Source Heat Pump with underfloor heating, Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery, PV array satisfying both electrical energy and water heating demands and electric vehicle charging points.

In addition to this the proposals have also been designed to achieve Section 7 Gold Aspects 4-7 and Silver Aspect 8.

If you’d like to learn more, please follow the link to West Lothian College’s website below:

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