2024 Webinar Series #6 – NPF 4: 20-minute Neighbourhoods and Placemaking

We are hosting the next in our webinar series on Wednesday 13th March at 12pm, where we will be sharing some of our thoughts in relation to the 20-minute neighbourhood and placemaking themes incorporated within NPF 4, and recently published Scottish Government guidance.


Our panellists Natasha Lucic and Michael Jarvis will discuss these important concepts in the wider context of existing Placemaking policies, whilst also tackling some of the misconceptions around the 20-minute neighbourhood principle and considering how it can be promoted at a local level.



In November 2023 the Scottish Government published Local Living and 20 Minute Neighbourhoods: Draft Planning Guidance, to support the delivery of NPF 4 Policy 15.


The concepts of local living and 20-minute neighbourhood aim to create places where people are able to meet the majority of their daily needs within a reasonable distance of their home, utilising active travel methods such as walking, wheeling or cycling.


The Scottish Government has an ambition to ensure that every neighbourhood in Scotland meets these criteria:


Places with high quality housing, the right local infrastructure, good access to services, employment, education and sustainable travel options can help to break cycles of disadvantage and poverty, promote healthy lifestyles and support physical and mental wellbeing.”¬†


You can register in advance for this webinar by following the link below: