2024 Webinar Series #5 – NPF 4: Biodiversity and Environmental Issues

Following our successful webinar series discussing the Scottish Passivhaus Equivalent, we are hosting a further series of events to cover various aspects of NPF 4, Scotland’s new National Planning Framework.

In the first of three webinars, Natasha Lucic and Michael Jarvis will be covering various topics relating to biodiversity and environmentally conscious design.



Scotland’s biodiversity is reaching a crisis point, not only resulting from climate change, but also changes in land use, exploitation of natural resources, invasive non-native species and habitat fragmentation.  The Scottish Government’s Draft Planning Guidance: Biodiversity outlines the expectations of the Scottish Ministers for how we tackle this challenge going forward, implementing the associated NPF Policy 3.


“Securing positive effects for biodiversity is one of six statutory outcomes for our National Planning Framework introduced by the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019.  Improving biodiversity is a cross-cutting theme which runs throughout NPF 4.”


In this session, our Planning Group lead Natasha Lucic will discuss our thoughts on NPF Policy 3 and related environmental policies, and explore nature based solutions as mechanisms to protect, sustainably manage and restore ecosystems in order to address societal challenges, improve wellbeing and boost biodiversity.  Our presentation will discuss the themes raised within NPF 4 Policy 3 and their potential impacts on the affordable housing sector.


You can register in advance for this webinar by following the link below: