2024 Webinar Series #3 – Scottish Passivhaus Equivalent (Part 2) – All Things MEP

This Tuesday sees us hold the next session in our 2024 webinar series, the second in our investigations into the Scottish Passivhaus Equivalent.

Our regular panellists Morgan Stephen Milne and Michael Jarvis will be delving into all things MEP, discussing the role that mechanical, electrical and plumbing services can play in achieving the Passivhaus standard, including the potential contribution that renewables can offer.



Mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements have a significant role to play in achieving the Passivhaus standard.  One of the five core principles of Passive design is achieving an air tightness of less than 0.6 ach and installing mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR).  This delivers a reduction in heat loss and improves internal air quality, however, the installation of MVHR raises potential issues in terms of user interaction, maintenance and cost.

The Passivhaus standard also places greater importance on the design of plumbing installations and there are lessons which can be learned from this, helping us to design more efficient systems.

In addition to these items the April 2024 update to the Building Standards Technical Handbooks will prohibit the installation of direct emissions heating systems (from the 1st of April).  This will require the installation of electrical or district heating systems in all new homes which again will require consideration of user interaction, maintenance and cost related factors.

As MEP equipment becomes more complex to allow us to satisfy the requirements of new legislation, we will discuss these implications and consider the important role that renewable technologies will play in the future.


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