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History of MAST

In 2017, we were delighted to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the practice and in order to showcase this 40 year period and provide a sample of the projects completed, social gatherings, office study trips as well as previous and current staff, we commissioned an animated retrospective. Click below to watch the video:

Our People


Mark Johnstone

What is your favourite building?
The Wallace Monument, Stirling

This is Mark’s favourite building as he’s a native of Stirling and the structure invokes memories of his birthplace whilst being iconic and a cultural landmark.  It has an honesty he admires and invokes a passionate response fuelled by his love for the film Braveheart…unfortunately for Mark, unlike Sir William Wallace, he’s vertically challenged!

Michael Jarvis

What is your favourite building?
Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Michael’s favourite building is the Sydney Opera House which he visited at the end of his second year at university.  He had seen photos in magazines and books and thought like a lot of ‘famous’ buildings that the photos had made it look better than in real life. He was wrong! He wasn’t civilised enough to go in so he can’t comment on the interior!

David Denholm

What is your favourite building?
The Fondazione Querini Stampalia

The Fondazione Querini Stampalia is a cultural institution in Venice founded in 1869 at the behest of the last descendant of the Venetian Querini Stampalia family. Architect Carlo Scarpa designed the interior, exterior, garden elements and spaces on the ground floor between 1961 – 63. This is his favourite building because the attention to detail shown by the architect and the craftsmanship is second to none – and because the bar opposite sells Aperol Spritz by the pint!


Gordon Bain

What is your favourite building?
La Congiunta Museum, Giornico

The stark and elemental nature of this small building has always appealed to Gordon.  It’s the lack of ‘footery bits’ and a reliance on fundamental principles of light and materiality which makes it so special – the building has an honesty to it which he finds appealing, as well as the fact that concrete is always cool despite what the general public think!

Alan Gordon

What is your favourite building?
Fallingwater, South West Pennsylvania

Alan’s favourite building is Frank Lloyd Wrights ‘Fallingwater’.  He was fortunate enough to visit it in the flesh and it did not disappoint!  Alan likes the simplicity, how it sits within the site and landscape and how the slender structure seems to defy gravity. Alan believes he uses the same concept on all the new housing he designs!

Natasha Lucic

What is your favourite building?

Natasha’s favourite building is SkiBox in Andes, Chile by dRN Arquitectos. Sitting proudly at 3000m altitude, it makes the most out of the beautiful landscape it sits in. “This little building shows that there is no excuse not to have a good architecture; I just need to find a way to go and see it for myself. Skiing in Chile…sounds all right.”

Ryan Cossar

What is your favourite building?
Hill Valley Courthouse

A wise man once said “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything” (Marty McFly). If it hadn’t been for the Hill Valley Courthouse, lightning would not have struck the clock tower and Marty McFly would never have got back to the future. Hence, from an early age, Ryan always wanted his own DeLorean and believed in the art of the possible…

Anna Daintrey-Dijkman

What is your favourite building?
The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Anna’s favourite building is still being built, following the architect’s dream over one hundred years after he started. The effect of being there is like standing a forest of marble trees under the end of a rainbow! She was once lucky enough to get a guided tour from the project architect the week before the Pope came to visit, so she got to stand behind the alter before the Pope did!

Matthew Holloway

What is your favourite building?
The Burrell Collection, Glasgow

The Architect’s competition entry for the building placed it on the edge of the available site, with its back wall against woodland.  The combination of the top lit gallery spaces, the artefacts and the relationship of the gallery spaces to the woods is magical.  The building is rugged and has withstood the test of time, just like Matthew’s beard!  


Evelyn Park
Senior Architect

What is your favourite building?
The Pantheon, Rome

Evelyn finds it’s unsupported concrete dome is incredible but even more remarkable is that a building that’s been standing for thousands of years is still in constant use. Evelyn enjoys basking in the warm glow of the spotlight cast from the giant oculus.  Her favourite thing about visiting however, is the ice cream shop in the square outside!

David Locke
Senior Architect

What is your favourite building?
The Variety Bar, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Housed at the foot of the 4-storey blond sandstone Glasgow tenement block sits the Variety Bar. The original frontage no longer exists, however the fantastic proportioned large plate display windows now partly darkened give hints of the depths within.  David believes the building is best viewed on a winters Friday night, from within (with a pint in your hand).

Marie-Claire Palmer

What is your favourite building?
The Barcelona Pavilion

This was one of the first buildings Marie-Claire studied and she finds there’s something calming about it from the way the plan is so structured and the use of water and stone. It was her favourite place to go to escape the bustle of the city when she lived in Barcelona as it’s not busy with tourists all year round and holds lots of good memories for her.

Steven Strang

What is your favourite building?
Glasgow School of Art

Having spent 7 years studying and overlooking this iconic building, you begin to appreciate the high level of detail from the stonework to the ironmongery. The fact that the building is still functioning as an art school some 125 years later (even though it did lead to a fire) is an example of how great the building was designed.

Lorna Johnston

What is your favourite building?
Bag End Hobbiton

Lorna’s favourite building is Bag End in Hobbiton, from Lord of the Rings. In fact, she likes it so much that she travelled half way around the world to visit it on her honeymoon. (She has heard New Zealand has a few other amazing sites to see too).

John Burns

What is your favourite building?
Alan’s Extension

John’s favourite building is his colleague Alan’s extension.  Its development over the last two & half years has enthralled him and like the Sagrada Familia, he’s not sure if it will ever be truly finished…!

Rachel Houghton

What is your favourite building?
Rabbit Snare Gorge Cabin, Nova Scotia

Rachel’s favourite building is the Rabbit Snare Gorge Cabin found in Nova Scotia.  Designed by Omar Gandhi and Design Base 8, the building stands tall amongst the rugged landscape.  Rachel likes how outrageous and unique it is and the architects obviously had fun designing it. She has been asking to go for a visit for research purposes but to no avail, persistence is key however! 


Holly McNaught

What is your favourite building?
Central Perk Coffee House, New York

Holly’s favourite building can be found on the TV series FRIENDS, where her favourite fictional characters can be found drinking hot coffee and having a good gossip.  Holly could easily discuss the intricate details of the building, however, she is more interested in what is being discussed round the coffee table.

Martin McFarlane

What’s your favourite building?

The city of Venice


Martin’s favourite buildings make up the experience of Venice, Italy. A walk through this city constructs a narrative of varying levels, enclosures and squares that make it one of the best experiences of architecture. Although on his last visit, architecture came second to the local bars…


Calum Foster

What’s your favourite building?

Neues Museum, Berlin.

Calum’s favourite building was originally completed in 1859, destroyed during the Second World War, and reopened in 2009 following a meticulous restoration process. Modern additions connect what remains of the existing fabric, and each layer of history is quietly yet clearly defined. The building is best visited in early January- followed by a cup of Glühwein outside Nikolaikirche- for the full bleakly beautiful Berlin experience.

Roddy Dunn

What’s your favourite Building?

Therme Vals spa hotel, Switzerland.

Designed by his favourite architect, Peter Zumthor also has suites designed by other famous architects. It’s a trek to get to Val’s so I recommend at least a week’s holiday. 1hr to nip round and takes some pictures for social media so it looks like you really appreciate the architecture and the rest of the time to relax drink wine, lots of beer and go skiing.

James Stirling

What is your favourite building?

Museum of Modern Literature, Marbach am Nekar

James’ favourite building is the Museum of Modern Literature, designed by his architectural icon, David Chipperfield. Like a good book, the building draws you in with intrigue, with the contrasting textures of concrete and timber providing narrative layers which transition the visitor from the everyday outside to an extraordinary story inside.

Jordan Price

What is your favourite building?


Jordan’s favourite building is the TARDIS as seen in the popular Doctor Who series.  Architecturally the TARDIS offers similarities used in his designs today such as panel doors, maximum use of interior floor space and secured by design principles.  The TARDIS also offers the added dimension of time travel and who wouldn’t want that?!

Aden Paterson

What is your favourite building?

The MAXXI Museum

Originally this was Aden’s least favourite Zaha Buildings however after a visit to Rome it shot to no1. There are a few eye-catching elements from the outside but it’s the interior that makes this building special! Her favourite elements are the circulation/entrance space – the stairs are brilliant!  The top gallery space has a huge picture window giving panoramic views over Rome – makes it easier to find the gelateria!


Frank McCabe

What is your favourite building?

Classrooms in Malawi

Frank’s favourite buildings are the various classroom blocks he has helped build with the charity, Classrooms for Malawi. Whilst laying bricks and building roof trusses in the intense African heat is not everyone’s idea of a relaxing summer holiday, Frank always comes back with a renewed sympathy for the contractors that actually have to build his designs…


David Millar

Whats your favourite building?

Kielder Observatory, Northumberland

David’s favourite building sits at the peak of Black Fell in Kielder Forest, a site picked due to its position under some of the darkest skies in the UK. The building combines David’s interests in architecture and fascination with space. The elegantly restrained forms and subtly detailed timber exterior belie the high-tech equipment housed inside, which are only revealed when elements of the building rotate and open up – in a very Thunderbirds-like way.

Allan Cameron

What is your favourite building?

Kew House, Richmond, London

Set in a leafy conservation area, Allan particularly likes how Piercy and Company’s Kew House manages to respect its setting whilst utilising a creative palette of materials. Neatly packaged on to its site, the house looks like a joy to live in by featuring a surprising number of playful nooks and crannies. There is even a slide leading down to the basement which must beat using the stairs!

Support Staff

Eilidh Jones
Office Manager

What is your favourite building?
Café Gerbeaud, Vorosmarty, Hungary

Eilidh has been lucky enough to have visited different countries on MAST office trips, but a highlight is a memorable coffee shop which we visited on our Budapest trip in 2001 – Café Gerbeaud, Vorosmarty, Hungary.  A much needed pit stop in the freezing cold for their hot chocolate, cakes and beer was required.  Eilidh also enjoyed the architecture – those were the days!

Paul McPhail
Practice Computer Manager

What is your favourite building?
Augustiner Bräustuben, Munich

A rustic Bräuhaus just outside Munich city centre. The building helps showcase the Bavarian people and their vibrant social traditions. With very little changing since 1885, this window into the Bavarian past has managed to survive both wars and the wrath of a proud Bavarian eating and drinking culture.  Paul of course did extensive research into this eating and drinking culture whilst on his last visit…

Sean McLaughlin
Technical Manager

What is your favourite building?
Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

Sean’s favourite building has to be Hagia Sofia in Istanbul. It has survived earthquakes and ransacking by crusaders and Turks. It has some amazing iconography and oddly, some Viking runes. No doubt done by a bored Norseman made to sit through one of the long services.

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